Newsletter April 2021

There is a lot of good news to write about this time. Spring has come and despite a slow start with the temperature here in April, spring is underway.

DataFlex 2021 the Power of Lean Code was launched, as most people probably know, on March 17 with an Online Product Launch hosted by Data Access. Here, the most important news in DataFlex 2021 was presented directly by the developers behind DataFlex. If you missed this unique event it can be enjoyed at the following link which is a 3 hour long video. This is a long time, so we link to different parts that we would recommend.

DataFlex 2021 is unicode throughout. Harm Wieber, Data Access Europe gives a technical presentation on unicode and DataFlex which can be seen here in the presentation  “Normalization”.

We can also highly recommend five short presentations of smart features in DataFlex 2021 which are presented here by Henri Reterink and Bram Nijenkamp, DataAccess BV.

1) cWebTagsForm
2) cWebHtmlList
3) Dynamic Objects
4) Geolocation API
5) Dark Theme

DataFlex 2021 is the version that carries your applications forward and future-proofs them. If you need guidance or help with the 2021 update, please feel free to contact us.

The F1 help for DataFlex is now online and significantly improved – check out the following link. Here’s almost everything you need to know about DataFlex. Both as a beginner and a seasoned programmer.

As always, we can recommend our videos Casual Conversations  and as something new Johan Broddfelt has started discovering DataFlex in his ongoing series:  “Discovering DataFlex”

Best Regards