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News! - 13th March 2024

You get so much for free, including development time.

DataFlex the agile development tool
In case you do not know about DataFlex please read on here. More than 1 million users are using DataFlex. DataFlex is with you all the way from user interface (UI) to database Fullstack. Therefore, there is a lot of time to save – a lot of time to get a functional application up and running in a short time. Read HERE about a success story where an application was up and running in less than 12 hours.

You can hear more about DataFlex 2024 in this video or you can download a complete DataFlex 2024 Studio here

  You can also expore  DataFlex Learning Center for more  information.

Leif Angestam - Vitec AB - Sweden
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“DataFlex offers a lot to a developer working with business and database intensive applications. The speed and simplicity with DataFlex is incredible, and compared to colleagues working in .NET, our development time is less than half of theirs!“
Albin Wisén, Prosmart AB - Sweden
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“Dataflex is an excellent development tool for quickly developing web and windows applications. What stands out is precisely the speed in developing new solutions. The development time is drastically reduced with Dataflex.”
Henrik Mørch, Director, Blue Water Shipping - Denmark
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“I had been working with FrontIoT in the last 10 years and experienced a huge strength in the flexible way of developing IT projects. It has to do with the fact that FrontIoT uses DataFlex as a development tool for delivering fast and flexible solutions - faster than I have seen elsewhere!”
Peter Dyrholm, IT department, Fødevarestyrelsen - Denmark
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“Being already well familiar with our databases, DataFlex provides our department with a new and most effective way of serving our users!”