Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Here is a short description of the  project

The Project was started with no knowledge of the departments databaser (FVST).

Project: Make a registrations system for “desktop browsers” And mobile devices.

We developed a system for FVST with 12 hours notice. It was ordered at 11:45 am and was ready for operation next morning. Another project was started Sunday evening and at  05:00 am it was fully developed and at  6:00 am it was tested and  went live at 8.00 am and then the users (The National Police) could start entering data.

The system was developed in “vanilla” DataFlex 19.1 (ie without other products than DataFlex).

The outline of the project consisted of an oral orientation and a number of SQL tables quickly wrung out of their systems for the purpose.

The tables were made available from DataFlex (via “Managed Connection”) and corrections were made on the DF side without changing the SQL tables (despite lack of Primary Keys)

Drilldown UI interface implemented  as well as “google like” search for existing registrations.

The system is developed by Sture Andersen. Tested by Klaus Bertelsen and activated by Peter Dyrholm (FVST). 

  • Danish Veterinary and Food Administration  belongs to the Ministry of Food and Veterinary and is a public institution.