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Scanduc in Copenhagen December 2-3 2021

Registration is open:

How easy is it really to migrate to DataFlex 2021?

We will help you answer that question at a workshop that you can register for here. Migrating to 2021 workshop.

System development for any business.


We are particularly good at developing administrative IT systems (web, mobile and Windows) adapted to the business. With our many years of experience in developing and implementing systems, we can see through a solution across multiple layers. That is why we are moving quickly and thus reaching the target so that the timetable and the budget are adhered to. Our customers can tell you more read here.

DataFlex partner in Scandinavia

Why have 10 programmers when you only need 3 to develop the same application. DataFlex is a development tool that gives you all you need without compromise. You also call it Lean. It brings development time and cost down. Our customer references tells why DataFlex is so popular.

Read more about DataFlex here.

Need Excel and Power BI  

Excel spreadsheets can be very complicated with many sheets and formulas. It requires an updated knowledge. There may not be enough time for that – or capacity.
We can offer consulting assistance in Excel spreadsheets in order for you to become self-driving. We can help making formulas so that they are relevant and can be shared with others.
The same goes for Power BI.

Read more about excel here and Power BI here.