FrontIoT videos

Discovering DataFlex videos

We are working on learning videos for DataFlex “Discovering DataFlex”. Step by step, Johan Broddfelt go through basic programming in DataFlex. Not only as a beginner we can recommend you take a closer look, but also if you have been away from the product for a while. Watch videos at the following link.

Link to: Discovering DataFlex video overview list.

Casual Conversations videos

We have released a number of videos “Casual Conversations” which are talks between primarily Johan Broddfelt and Klaus Berthelsen. Here they talk about different topics and problems in an IT world. The link below provides direct access to the individual videos.

Link to: Casual Conversation video overview list.

Data Access Learning Center

Data Access Europe has a more general learning center on DataFlex, DF Reports, WebApp Server and more, click on the link below.

Link to: Data Access Learning Center

Youtube channel

We also have a Youtube channel which it is recommended to watch. Here you will find all the videos we have released – please post comments under the videos.

Here is the link to our channel: FrontIoT on Youtube