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DataFlex community

What we call the DataFlex Community is a gathering of both business stakeholders, and it is the forum where developers meet all over the world. It can be both be online in the DataAccess Support Forum and at various online events. It can also be at one of conferences held in different places in the world: EDUC (European Conference, Synergy (American Conference) and SCANDUC (Scandinavian Conference).

SCANDUC is the smallest and more technical conference with a focus on DataFlex developers, who in addition to meeting with Data Access, also meet and share their own (nerdy) solutions to great inspiration for others. FrontIoT primarily organizes SCANDUC. If you want to stay up to date with the latest, it is a good idea to attend the conference. The conference is preceded by a day of some teaching. The topics change from time to time.

The picture was taken in connection with the European DataFlex Users’ Conference (EDUC) 2022 in Island.

Channel Partner

We are Channel Partner for DataAccess Europe. We handle license sale, education and support of DataFlex in the Nordic region. We are part of a network of channel partners in Europe. We regularly meet different places in Europe. DataAccess Europe arranges these meetings. We can always draw on competent resources in our network. Together we are stronger.

The picture was taken in connection with a Channel Partner meeting.