DataFlex 2021 product launch 10 March

Dear All

It is a great pleasure to announce dataflex 2021 release. On this occasion, we invite you to a free online product LAUNCH on Wednesday 17 March at 15:00 – 18:00.

Data Access’s team of skilled developers will present “live” all new features in DataFlex 2021. The product has undergone fundamental improvements and innovations, and now appears as a totally advanced full-stack development tool for web and mobile applications. A new DataFlex era has begun.

Se videoen “Whats New in DataFlex 2021”

As something new, a well-known Dutch “Art Director” whom Data Access Worldwide has put on the task, Mr Robbert Dirksen, will talk about his journey through DataFlex’s ecosystem with his branding glasses and his subsequent conclusion. This presentation will be shown on Wednesday and is hereby highly recommended.

If you have been developing in DataFlex for many years or have you just been introduced to the product, then join the product launch. See you in Cyberspace.

Sign up for Launch – There are limited number of seats.

Many greetings
FrontIoT  ApS