January newsletter

Dear everyone

Happy New Year!! I don’t think that can be said too often in these times.

DataFlex 2020 (2021) Beta 3 can be downloaded at the following  link. Despite Covid-19 and isolation, Data Access has worked hard on the development of the new generation of  DataFlex. And we can expect a release within the next few months. Despite Beta, several of our customers, including ourselves, are already developing in 2020/21.

We can recommend our Thursday video just released on YouTube. Here Johan talks to Albin Visén from Prosmart AB in Sweden about current migration of their entire ERP system to DataFlex version 2020 (2021). It is an exciting and inspiring talk that you can have great pleasure and inspiration from listening to. Thank you to Albin for his contribution. If there are any questions, please contact Albin

Redaction Library for web applications.
Data Acces has built a new layer of security into DataFlex 2021. In order that the same security features will benefit earlier versions, Data Access has developed ‘Redaction  Library’ for web versions  18.2 and 19.1. For more information and download click on the following link.

5 good suggestions on what mistakes many make when they develop in DataFlex WebApps. Another informative video posted on the  DataFlex learning page. We recommended to watch it.

A good story continues…
Our story in the previous newsletter about how quickly a system was developed in DataFlex for use in addressing a ministerial institution in a very necessary situation. This has generated so much attention that Data Access Worldwide has written about it. Read about it at the following link – it’s (also) a good story.

We will be able to provide a newsletter shortly, where we will take a closer look at the new features of the upcoming DataFlex version 2021.

Many greetings
FrontIoT  ApS