December newsletter

Dear all

This is our penultimate newsletter this year. We hope all our customers and business associates are in good health.

DataFlex 2021 beta 2 is released and can be downloaded at the following  link. Data Access has made a  video that describes how to get the most out of the new version that they have renamed for 2021.

A good story.  Maybe you haven’t really thought about how effective the development tool you’re actually working with is. We can tell a story about a great need for help in developing an IT solution in an emergency using DataFlex.

As a result of Corona, an urgent need arose last month from one of the ministerial institutions in Denmark to develop a system for recording some much-needed processes. As it would take an unnecessarily long time with internal procedures and the desperation was great. Therefore, Sture Aps and FrontIoT jointly offered to develop a system in a very short time. In fact, we developed a fully functioning system in DataFlex, running on a SQL Server, in less than 12 hours. Interested parties can read more about the details at this link.

DataFlex is LEAN, DataFlex is full-stack-development tool. We love DataFlex and proud of this story that you are welcome to tell further. We look forward to 2021!

“Casual Conversations” We have in recent months made videos with the common title “Casual Conversations“, which we have uploaded on Facebook and  Youtube. We have also invited selected programmers of our customers for an interview with Johan Broddfelt. And lastly Unicorn, the UK DataFlex Channel partner, has included the videos in their newsletter.

Also, remember to stay up to date with the DataFlex Learning Center, where new videos are uploaded on an ongoing basis. .

If you have any questions about DataFlex or need consultancy help – please contact us. We are happy to help or find the help that fits.

FrontIoT ApS