DataFlex Football Pool

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We start by inviting you to the DataFlex Football Pool in connection with the UEFA Euro 2020 Football Championship edition on 11 June. Data Access has once again organized this fun game that anyone, with or without football comprehension, can participate in. Click on this video  which introduces you to the rules.

DataFlex Styler – new version. Web developers can now generate themes for the  DataFlex  WebApp  Framework with more subtleties than before. It’s no longer just the colors you can choose. In short,  the DataFlex Styler now lives up to its name more, which you can read more about  here. Data Access has also done an online course on how to use the  DataFlex  Styler – click on the following link.

DataFlex Times is a brand-new initiative from a DataFlexer Simon Coyne from Alicante Software which has offices in Spain and the UK. His idea is to create a  DataFlex  platform with news, Blogs, Tips &Amp; Tricks on  DataFlex. Therefore, we encourage all our customers and programmers to sign up for the newsletter located at the bottom of the so that we can create a dynamic forum for the benefit of current and new DataFlex developers.

DataFlex is right now one of the best development tools in the world and it deserves more publicity! Remember to “like”.

Tip of themonth.
FrontIoT learning videosare a great place to start if you are going to learn how to develop in  DataFlex.

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