DataFlex Newsletter May

Dear all

Spring is at its peak and summer vacation is just around the corner. But before that, it is a pleasure to announce the following :=)

Beta release 2 of DataFlex 2023 can be downloaded here. In this release we find two new smart features:

  • Collapsible WebList Group
    • Data in lists can now be grouped and collapsed
  • Resizable Columns in Grid Layout
    • An alternative method for layout of a web panel. I.e. alternative to the piColumnIndex / piColumnSpan method

At the same time the FlexTron component is updated. Flextron is a control that can integrate web panels into Windows containers or even an entire web app inside a Windows application.

Flextron can be used to spice up a Windows interface or to gradually migrate a Windows app to the web. This video briefly shows how Flextron can be implemented.

DataFlex Reports 8.2 (2023) has been released and can be downloaded at the following link. No new codes are needed in this release.

A few new features: Adjusted text options so that horizontal text strings have been extended. It is also possible to replace existing page layouts in a report – read more here.

You can chat via DataFlex with ChatGBT

Mike Peat from Unicorn Interglobal is a like child at play. And now he has combined 2-3 APIs to create a DataFlex WebApp that you can converse with.

Our very own Johan Broddfelt introduced “Flexie” (a talking DataFlex App, apparently female) for the first time at SCANDUC 2021 in Copenhagen. It inspired Mike Peat from Unicorn to improve Flexie’s intelligence by connecting DataFlex to chatGPT. Read more about Mike’s reflections at this link (highly recommended :=).

Don’t forget to click on our “Discovering DataFlex videos” – a youtube channel for inspiration and learning done in the best way by Johan Broddfelt. He welcomes suggestions for topics for new videos and can be contacted at the following email:

Kind regards
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