DataFlex Newsletter April

Dear all

DataFlex version 2023 is now in Beta 1.

In the upcoming 2023 release there is a new Web Grid Layout, which is worth taking a closer look at. It is a new panel layout system that is now available for web applications. It gives more control over the vertical placement of your controls. The Grid Layout is based on CSS Grid Layout, which is a W3C standard.

Another new feature will be that cWebList now supports grouping of data. When enabled, the user can select the groups via the context menu. Read more about the new features, which are currently being tested by developers from all over the world.

To get started with DataFlex 2023:
– Download DataFlex 2023 Beta 1
– Watch the What’s New in DataFlex 2023 (pre-release) Learning Center course
– Read the What’s New in DataFlex 2023 – Beta 1 section of the documentation
– Share your experience and feedback in the testing forum.

DataFlex Reports 2023 has been released. The following news and adjustments can be found in the new version:
– It is now possible to align the text (center, right or left)
– It is now also possible to use a customized page layer in a report.
– DataFlex Reports 2023 can be downloaded here at the following link.

SCANDUC 2023 is well over and can be described as a success. We have received very positive feedback on both the content and the conference. All Powerpoints can be downloaded on the SCANDUC website.

In the following newsletters we will write about one of the presentations at SCANDUC. And we will start with Johan Broddfelt’s presentation of his Datepicker, which he has also made a video about – click on this link. Let the video speak for itself.