DataFlex Newsletter May

Dear all,

Here’s a spring DataFlex newsletter.

DataFlex 2022 has been released, if you have not already read the news then you can find them here.

If you need to update the DataFlex application to 64 bits, the Structure Padding Helper Tool is a superb tool for use in that process. You can read more about it at the following link.

If you are unable to update to DataFlex 2022 yet, a new build of DataFlex 2021 has just been released. Data Access recommends that you download the 2021 Build.

The countdown to the DataFlex User Conference 2022 is underway.  
The registration for EDUC 2022 has been overwhelming and we are close to being fully booked. We are looking forward to a great conference in Iceland. You can stay updated at the following link.

We are very proud to receive the following quote from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The quote concerns the Compensations system, which is developed by Sture Aps in DataFlex.
“We would not be where we are today, had it not been for DataFlex. The applications based on DataFlex facilitated the payment for 6,500 recipients totaling DKK 4 billion. This is not only due to fast and competent consultancy, but also an efficient development environment in DataFlex, which has been able to support our wishes for the applications. DataFlex has supported our agile approach in the development work, and we have therefore saved both time and costs. We have ended up with a very satisfactory result of high quality and with very satisfied users”
Head of Division for the Compensations Unit Merete Roos – April 2022

Welcome to Mikkel Vig, who is our intern. He will primarily learn how to develop in DataFlex. We are happy to have you join the team Mikkel :=)

Remember to stay up to date by watching the weekly video with Johan. The current theme is Data Dictionaries, which is examined in detail by Johan in his quirky way.

You can stay informed about EDUC 2022, 2nd – 3rd June on Twitter, #EDUC2022

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