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EDUC 2022 is over – two canceled EDUC events preceded this event and no one could know if a third cancellation would be necessary. Fortunately, this did not happen and EDUC 2022 was a huge success with a large number of participants and a conference program that, both technically and on a more social level, brought togetherness and presentations of a future-proof super optimized product: the development tool DataFlex.

We, hereby,  bring a collection of photos from EDUC at the following link. Please do not miss Johan Broddfelt’s Flexie At EDUC 22 as one of the last presentations at the conference.

All EDUC presentations have been filmed and will be posted on the DataFlex Learning Center over the next few weeks. Participants at EDUC can log in with Global ID and watch the presentations online for free. It is also possible for non EDUC participants to watch the presentations online for a fee of 50 € per presentation or 150 € for all presentations. We can highly recommend seeing them. As John Hartley, Freedom IT enthusiastically stated after his participation:

I am sure that the enthusiasm and motivation that spread to me over the 2 days the EDUC conference lasted, will over the next few years continue to be contagious across the community and beyond.. 
– John Hartley, Freedom IT and consultant at FrontIoT.  

EDUC 2024 will be held in the city of Split, Croatia. Co-organizer will be Peter Bragg from Care-Data UK. Congratulations! We are already looking forward to it.

Something other than EDUC has happened since our last newsletter – below are releases of DataFlex utilities:

News Release:
DataFlex DataPump:
The latest release of DataPump is 64bit and supports Unicode. DataPump can give DataFlex systems that still run on embedded Database (for new developers it is a database that comes with DataFlex) access to BI tools and Excel or a routine migration of the embedded data to an MSSQL database – Read more here.

Graphic Library for DataFlex 2022: With the graphic library attached to your Workspace, you can view images in many popular formats (BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, EXF, PNG, TIFF, WMF and EMF) read more about the news at the following link

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