DataFlex newsletter February

Dear all,

We want to start out with a good story, because we have experienced an increasing interest in DataFlex at a time when solutions need to be developed agile without long project meetings. It’s great and we look forward to DataFlex 2022 being released soon.

DataFlex 2022/20.1 Release Candidate
DataFlex 2022 focuses on significant additions to the user interface of Web and Windows applications. New classes with improved functionality in web apps. Right-click on user designed menus and multi-item menus are, among other things, now supported in DataFlex version 2022. You can read more about this here.

New Channel Partner for DataAccess South Pacific.  Welcome to Marco Kuipers and his team in Australia. The company 28 IT has been a DataFlex house for many years. Now they get the opportunity to help grow DataFlex in Australia and the “surrounding area”.  Read more here.

Jakob Kruse from Sture Aps has developed a collection of custom components that implement different web APIs. It is a very useful and smart thing for any DataFlex developer. He has put them out for free usage on Github. THANK YOU to Jacob for his efforts.

European DataFlex conference EDUC 2022 will be held in Iceland. Remember to tick the calendar on June 2nd and 3rd. If you also want to participate in the workshops then tick the two days before of too, 31 May and 1 June. More about EDUC in a later newsletter.

Finally, some useful links about DataFlex:
DataFlex og Casual Conversations
DataFlex Learning page

The next newsletter will deal with DataFlex 2022.