FrontIoT Autumn News

Dear all

Here is some autumn news.

DataFlex 2020 Beta 1 has been released:

Last week, the release of beta 1 was announced by Data Access. We encourage all our DataFlex developers in Scandinavia to download and test the Beta 1 build of DataFlex 2020. It is now possible to test the new 64-bit and Unicode features with your own applications. We hope you will spend some time testing it so that any bugs can be reported to Data Access at the following link.

Mike Peat from Unicorn has written a blog about rest’s importance to APIs.. With his usual sharp attention to detail, Mike gives an insight into RESTFUL’s importance to the API and with sample code he shows how it can be done. You will get an “aha” experience by reading more about REST at the link below:

New YouTube channel
FrontIoT, like all companies, was for a long period shut down for active attendance in the office. We are, however, back again, but these online meetings inspired us to record videos of an informal chat between Johan Broddfelt and Klaus Berthelsen, about various IT topics and which are not necessarily of a technical nature. The idea is to make this – a platform – where other developers are also welcome to participate.

Join our YouTube channel  and be notified every time a new video is released about once a week. The more people signed up and “likes” the better.

Unfortunately, we still cannot invite to SCANDUC, our Scandinavian developer conference, which will normally be held at the end of November. There is also a uncertainty about  the EDUC, the European Conference, announced to be held spring 2021, but instead moved to sometime after the summer 2021.

Remember! Data Access continuously uploads new online courses and product news on the  DataFlex Learning Page.. Many autumn greetings

Summer letter

Dear all

The summer is now at its peak, but the weather does not quit reflect that. That is why this newsletter will contain good ideas and links for inspiration to what you can use a rainy or two for in the company with DataFlex.

Klaus recommends this video:
This video should be mandatory for all who develop Web applications. The title ‘Process Pooling’ covers a comprehensive review of how the Webb App server works. Special focus is on ‘All that can go wrong if you don’t get it reight’.

Johan Broddfelt recommends this video:
“What makes web application development a lot more fun is that you can design your own components only limited by your own imagination. That is why I recommends this video that shows how you can build your own components and in this way expand the flexibility in your DataFlex tool box”.

EDUC online seminar 2020. When the prospect of a cancelation of EDUC 2020became a reality DataAccess in just a forthnight organized an online event with the same agenda and education with speakers from all over the world. All paying participants now had the opportunity to join the on-line seminar and new participants were able to join. An impressive presentation by DataAccess and the success was great!

If you are curious, it is possible to watch the entire event at the following LINK – it will only cost you 150€ and you will get access to the entire seminar. Please contact Charlotte Grønvold for further information and access.

How to set up a live Stream Event: Wouter Olthof, video producer at DataAccess EU, provides in this 14 min. video good advise regarding an on-line event.

With this summer letter we would like to wish all our customers and business partners a really good summer. In the next newsletter we will write about DataFlex Reports 2020, which will be released as ‘Technical preview’. This first version can now run in a 64 bit environment with Unicode data – look forward to this.

Kind regards,
FrontIoT ApS