DataFlex Newsletter June

Dear everyone

It’s midsummer and the holidays are just around the corner. Many good things are happening this summer, the European Football Championships, the Olympics and the Tour de France, but maybe also an upcoming DataFlex 24.1 release…?

The DataFlex Conference EDUC 2024 is now open for registrations. Remember ‘Early Bird’. If you register before 30 June, you can save money. This year’s conference will be held in Split, an ancient and historic city located in Croatia right on the Adriatic Sea. Read more about EDUC at this link, where you can also keep up to date with the agenda.

Flextron has its own support forum. Flextron is a technology that bridges the gap between Windows applications and Web applications. This means that Flextron makes it possible to use web components or entire web panels in your Windows applications. You can also run a complete web app as a Windows programme (which does not require IIS to be installed). For example, Spotify is based on the same kind of technology. In this video from Data Access North America, you can get an insight into what Flextron can contribute. And here is the link to the Flextron support forum.

Price increase on licences
For the first time in many years, Data Access is raising prices on DataFlex licences by approximately 10%, starting 1 July 2024. For questions, please contact Charlotte.

Tips from Johan Broddfelt:
When using the DataFlex Online Help and there is something you don’t understand or would like clarification on, you can send an email at the bottom of each page that goes directly to the support team at Data Access and you will always get an answer!

Wishing you a great summer
FrontIoT ApS