DataFlex – Christmas letter

Dear all

Christmas is just around the corner, so this is the last newsletter of the year. DataAccess has released the first beta version of DataFlex 2024 and you can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit.

DataFlex 2024 Beta1 gives you a taste of the latest technologies to come (despite being a “minor” update).

Below, three DataFlex senior programmers have commented on a few points they find interesting in DataFlex v2024 Beta1.

 Unleash your creativity with dynamic vector drawing (cWebDrawing.pkg)
“I’m really looking forward to working with SVG in DataFlex.” Especially to see how this simplifies the way we create cool, customised visual interfaces in our applications. I’ve used SVG in a few projects so far, using css and Javascript. But the new feature in DataFlex can potentially make that process much easier” – Johan Broddfelt

Empower your applications with enhanced security using SPLF encryption
“The security of the DataFlex WebApp has been taken up a notch. The SPLF concept, which already helps to significantly increase security by isolating the WebApp from the Internet, now has encrypted communication between the SPLF server and the Web server. If a hacker were to penetrate your DMZ zone, the communication to the web server cannot be used to get further in” – Klaus Berthelsen

If you’ve forgotten what SPLF stands for, here’s a link: SPLF – What does it stand for?

Multiple DataDictionary structures
“In DataFlex 24.0 (beta) we can now have multiple independent sets of DataDictionary objects within a single view. Containers (cWebGroup, cWebCard) can have their own “private” DDO structure and associated Main_DD value. Simple and elegant. ATTENTION. If you run the WebOrder example and select “Multi DDO Structure” from the “Demo” menu you can see a nice example of this” – Sture Andersen
Get an insight into the future DataFlex – download version 2024 Beta1

FrontIoT is developing an app for Denmark’s largest food waste organisation.
Read more about the concept at the following link: Stop Spild Lokalt. The app is developed in DataFlex and is being tested by various volunteers who are affiliated with Stop Spild Lokalt around the country. The DataFlex licenses are sponsored by Data Access – BIG THANK YOU to them. We will keep you updated on this fantastic project.

We wish all our customers and partners a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Many Christmas greetings
Frontiot ApS