DataFlex 24 released

Dear all

Spring is on its way and Easter is just around the corner – and we have the great pleasure to announce that DataFlex 2024 has been released and can be downloaded at the following link.

A few new features are listed below:

Greater flexibility with enhanced Data Dictionary features – webContainer controls can now contain their own DDO structure, providing greater flexibility for your projects.

Improved security in encrypted connections – which is also the recommendation of the month by Klaus Berthelsen; this update makes it possible to encrypt the communication between the SPLF master server and the underlying WEB-App Severs. This makes it possible to add extra separation between the DMZ and LAN zone in a network. The individual nodes can also be configured with individual encryption tokens, which further increases the security strength. Klaus is very excited about this security enhancement.

More news can be read at the following link.

The DataFlex Learning Centre demonstrates the new features in detail click HERE.

Remember that the license codes have already been sent out, if you have not received them, please let Therese know.

Update of older versions

Updated versions of DataFlex 19.1, 20.1 and 23.0 have also been released. Programs translated with these versions of DataFlex are currently at risk of being marked as “infected” by Microsoft Defender (commonly used antivirus software). This update prevents this.
Read more here.

In the next newsletter, we will write about the upcoming European DataFlex Users Conference (EDUC) to be held in Split, Croatia on 10 and 11 October.

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