DataFlex 2023 Released

Dear all 

Below is information from Data Access regarding the release of DataFlex 2023.

We are incredibly pleased to inform you that DataFlex 2023 has been released and is available for download now! 

As a current DataFlex subscriber, you are entitled to receive the update to this version. The update requires a registration code, which you have received. Download DataFlex 2023 here

About DataFlex 2023 
DataFlex 2023 adds new possibilities for Windows and Web applications. FlexTron enables interchanging of technologies by seamlessly integrating Web UI with Windows apps. The Web Grid layout offers ultimate designer-freedom, and the SQLExecutor brings ease and performance to those that need it. Plus, numerous other new features and enhancements to boost app-performance, developer-productivity and end-user-satisfaction! 

Discover DataFlex 2023
See what DataFlex 2023 has to offer: 

Join our YouTube Livestream on July 6th, Discovering DataFlex 2023! 
See the new features on the What’s New in DataFlex 2023 page 
Watch Harm demonstrating new features in this DataFlex Learning Center Course 

Thank you for your continued use of our products! 

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Team DataFlex