Data Access Latin America’s 20th


Dates: October 25th & 26th 

Data Access Latin America, along with their valued staff, customers, and partners, will be having a very unique two-day celebration event to commemorate their 20th year!

On Thursday, October 25th, several presentations will be given that feature the history and future of the company, today’s products, and successful customer stories and relationships.

There will also be a special, hands-on training hosted by Harm Wibier, who is a Software Engineer from a brother office, Data Access Europe in the Netherlands, on the second day, October 26th. Training will feature two parts; Working with DataFlex 19 and Working with JSON.

For more information about this special event, please send an email to, or contact Data Access Latin America’s Marketing Coordinator, Mrs. Valéria Gobi, directly at 55+ 11+3262-2000.


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Lokation: Bahamas
Dato: 18/03/2019